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Media/Press Policies and Application

Special Services

To Complete your registration process and be approved for a press badge, PR Staff will need to verify your credentials.


Some required fields are missing. Please review the form and submit again.

Press Policies:

Press Badges are reserved for well-qualified editorial staff from approved media outlets. Press credentials are not carried over year to year, you must register each year.

Photography/Videography Policy

Qualified press - who wish to photograph or film at the event is required to check in at the Press Room on-site to sign a waiver and receive authorization upon each day of filming.

Live TV and nationally syndicated film crews must check in at the Press Room and must be approved on-site in order to photograph and/or videotape at the event.

Private Consultants who are paid by an individual company are not eligible for a press badge and should register as a vendor/exhibitor here. See press room personnel for complete information on qualifying for a press badge. Exhibitors and their private consultants are permitted to photograph and videotape their own booth only.

Photographers and videographers are required to obtain permission before filming any exhibitor's booth and must refrain from filming those who do not grant permission.

Qualified Press who have obtained press passes and are photographing and/or filming at the show may not, under any circumstances, solicit payment from exhibitors for service. Those who are found to be soliciting payment will have their press passes immediately revoked, and may be banned from future events.

Filming, videotaping and photography are prohibited at all events,unless approved by Soul West Fest, LLC education and seminar sessions, including keynote presentations. Exhibitors and their private consultants may film, photograph and/or videotape their own exhibitor-presented seminar(s) only.

Attendee indemnifies and holds harmless Soul West Fest, LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates, with respect to any claims from any third party claims whatsoever arising from Attendee’s media activities under this waiver.

Photographers and videographers are required to ask permission before filming and must refrain from filming those who do not grant permission. Exhibitors are permitted to photograph and videotape their own booth only. Exhibitors who do not want the press to pho

No other photography or videography is permitted. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to any photographer/videographer.tograph or videotape their booth should inform the Press Room staff onsite.

For Customer Service, please call 702-381-3928 (M-F 9am-5pm MST).

You may contact us here.

Press Requirements

Press credentials consisting of a business card with your name, media outlet and title as well as ONE of the following:

Traditional Print Media (online versions as well) Examples include: Newsletter, Trade Journal, Magazine, eNewsletter.

        a) Please provide a sample of two articles, published within the past twelve months that clearly displays authorship.

        b) OR, a copy of publication masthead including your name– see accepted titles below.*

TV/Radio: Please submit a link to your show or segments, as well as a screen shot of your stations issued press credentials.

Accepted Titles for Press Badge:

        Editor (in title)


        Writer (in title)


        Broadcast Producer


        Program Director

        Assistant Production titles

Press Crew

Definition: Photographers, videographers, non-journalists affiliated with news outlets and attending for an official purpose


Proof of business, press credentials or assignment letter

Current company ID

Web site describing the practices of the individual or business.

Accepted Titles for Press Crew Badge:

        Camera Operator

        Sound Engineer


Media Influencer

Bloggers, RDs, social media influencers, others with relevant following but not affiliated with a media outlet.


Minimum followers: 20K on one social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube). Note: If you have less than 20K but more than 10K followers, you will be registered as Attendee.

One pass per outlet; additional “Support” passes require approval and are subject to a fee.

Accepted Titles for Influencer Badge:


Media Support

Definition: Misc. justified press guests; bloggers with less than the required minimum followers of “Social Enthusiast” will be considered under this category. Demonstration of business interest in natural products industry required. Subject to additional review of content and engagement based on the needs and requirements of the event.

Cost: One pass per outlet; additional “Support” passes require approval and are subject to a fee.


Proof of Business

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