Soul West Fest, LLC (SWF) is a for-profit organization whose mission is to Promote and Support Urban Films and Filmmakers, Soul Music, Urban Culture and Education. Our mission is also to raise awareness and initiate programs for financial literacy and money matters to urban communities.

Soul West Fest gives birth to urban film and the New Black Renaissance in the Valley of the Sun– from film to TV, VR to online work, and music to live performance. As a platform for creative expression, independent filmmaking, and mesmerizing entertainment, SWF champions emerging and established voices, showcasing award-winning urban films and filmmakers, soul music, culture and new technology through premieres, exhibitions, talks and live performances.


Aaliyah Najieb, JD

During 3 days, we invite you to the Valley of the Sun to enjoy Soulful Sounds, Black & Brown Excellence, Great Food, Authentic Crafts & Merchandise, Ground-breaking Films, Original Music Videos, Informative Panels, Top Notch Events, Exclusive Parties as well as solid networking.  Soul West Fest 2018 takes an original and imaginative approach to content because there are limited outlets for Urban Filmmakers and Musicians to showcase their talent collectively on a national stage.

The impact we hope to achieve with this event is certainly artistic in nature (i.e. showcasing music and filmmakers content); it is also intellectual in several of our sponsors provide educational content on health and wealth policies; Most festivals are communal and social by default; and civically, Soul West Fest hopes to improve communities of color with creative initiatives.

This event propels additional ideas in arts and entertainment for state and federal programs for youth and communities of Color; providing a platform for international recognition; and expounding on Audio/Visual projects that are entertaining as well as educational.

The funds raised through SWF will supports three programs including Soul West Fest Foundation, Pathways to the World, Inc. and Lights, Camera, Discover.

Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Business Administration (Temple U); Documentary Filmmaker, Recording Studio Owner, Former New Jersey Public School Educator, Creator of Educatonal Public Policy Initiatives; Event Producer, Music & Film Enthusiast; Bedroom DJ.

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